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Mobile Hairdressing Business -  Freelance Hair Stylist available at very flexible times at competitive and affordable prices!!

Hi, my name is CoiaI am a mobile hairdresser. based in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.

I offer freelance hairstyling and work very flexible hours - my prices are very competitive!!

I have been hairdressing for almost 5 years and am extremely passionate about it!

The areas I cover are Clonmel, Cahir, Carrick, Cashel, Mitchelstown and surrounding areas.

if you cant find a baby sitter, don't feel like sitting in a salon all day, want to be free from all the noise and hassle, you can have the comfort of getting your hair done in your own home! 

I specialise in styling/dressing hair for weddings, debs, hens, etc. 

It's Coia's Mobile Hairdressing to the rescue- 100% focused on your desired look  - Available 7 days a week -  flexible hours

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Frances Berry

Can you let me know blow dry cost

Lisa williams

Looking for someone morning 27th may 17

Julie Sheehan

Hi Coia , are you available to do my hair and my daughters on 7th may for her communion??

Julie Sheehan

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Laura Nugent

Hi, I am just inquiring about availability and price for a wedding on 28/07/2017. What is your rate for 4 people (including me) plus a trial?

Helga Martin

Hi Coia - I need help!! As I have developed an allergy to vapours from some hair products I can't get my hair done in a saloon. The offending ingredient is Methylisa -thiazolinone (one of the names it goes by) it's a preservative. Can you do my hi-lights.

anne boyle

Going to a wedding in dundrum house hotel on 3 rd january looking to get hair and nails done in room on sat morn around 11 wondering is it possible and a general price ...

Can you give a price

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


are you available for a wedding on the 27/12/14 by any chance?

margaret burke

are you free new years eve for a wedding in cashel

Products & services

I am so happy since I started working for myself and loving every minute of it, but I have to say there sure is a lot of equipment to bring around with me!!

Marian was the winner of a recent competition.

I was half way through the process before it dawned on me to take a before picture but Marian had dark red hair, very dark on ends from home colour!

We lifted to a beautiful light brown with a few subtle blonde highlights underneath!

Marian's hair was all one length so we added some layers and a side fringe to add some shape!

Big change, she is like a new woman

Products & services


Margaret went from bright copper hair to a natural brown and golden ombré highlights!

This colour effect is a lot less maintenance as the highlights are underneath and only shimmer through so you don't get any regrowth from them!

About Hairdressing 

Hairdressing is a highly skilled art, I among st many others have been trained to change a hair look, let it be by colouring, ups styling or different cuts.

I'm constantly refreshing my techniques and equipment. As I'm not working in a salon i can pick and choose the hair products i like.  I like to use Paul Mitchel and Tigi.

 Hairdressing requires one to regularly participate on courses such as, Trend Cutting or Up To Date Colour courses.  

Products & services


Elaine was the competition winner a couple of weeks ago. Here are before and after pictures, from dull grown out highlights to a beautiful blonde colour with balayage highlights! And a new cut to compliment colour and face shape!


Balayage means two toned hair colour in which a persons hair roots are a darkened effect and the ends brightened with a blonde or copper tone to it. It is the most requested look from customers as the modern chic image. It leaves you with the sun-kissed finished.

You can achieve many different looks from natural highlights to strong and punky . 

People like to feel good about themselves and keep within the fashion.

Celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lauren Conrad make the Balayage look all the more appealing.

Products & services

Chloe and her Mum

Chloe's lovely curls and her mam's vintage upstyle for her engagement party!! Have a great night Chloe


An up-style is a beautiful creation that comes from within the the stylists imagination. It is only created for events such as Confirmations, Debs or weddings Etc. An up-style adds height and volume. 

Katy Perry has recently pulled of the mini mouse effect of two up-style buns. Fantastic.

Angelina Jolie and Penelope Cruz are two more examples of creative up-styles lately. Keira Knightley opted for a sleek and chic to the side swept up do while gracing the Red Carpet.

Products & services

Ombre Highlights

Ombre Highlights are a subtle copper highlight that gives the hair a lovely shimmer of copper and breaks up an all over colour. While the Ombre look isn't exactly new its still the most requested colour technique today.

 Coia's Styles caters for all occasions and events and 100% dedicated to give you that trendy fabolous look you so desire.  Let it be weddings, Debs, Hen Nights, Christenings, Confirmations and 21st Party's. Just call Coia for that style you crave.