Welcome to CMC Fibreglass. my name is Connor Mulcahy and I am the proud owner of this business. I started my apprenticeship as a carpenter in 2001 and qualified with a merit from LIT in 2005. I worked with a company for 10 years building houses and extensions and was the company foreman for 6 years of these years.

While with this company I had the good fortune to work on a building that had fibreglass specified in the plans. As a carpenter I was used to forming lead and stepping it into secret valleys. I was highly impressed with the quality and finish of the product and its great durability and competitive price. From this experience.

I went on to research this product and became a fibreglass installer. I started out on my own as fibreglass installer and for the past 2 years.

I have done a large volume of work with fibreglass and I have gained valuable experience.   In May of 2013, I became a registered installer for Scott Bader 25 year premier guarantee. This product has become very popular with a large number of architects and I have installed it in a number of projects which include schools, libraries and number of private house builds.    

As well as fibreglass, I provide general building and carpentry services. I welcome all jobs big and small, and I hope that I can be of help to you.

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Products & services

Fibreglass Roofing

Flat roofs are always at high risk of leaking. Rain water tends to pool in area’s and eventually leaks through and costs you annually on repairs.

Torch on felt and asphalt deteriorate’s year after year from the heat of the sun and the cold winters. Asphalt ages through photo-oxidation accelerated by heat.

 As it ages, the asphalts melt point rises and there is a loss of plasticizers. As mass is lost, the asphalt shrinks and forms a surface similar to alligator skin. Asphalt breaks down slowly in water, and the more exposure the more rapid the degradation. Asphalt also dissolves readily when exposed to oils and some solvents.

Products & services

Fibreglass is perfect for flat roofs. Its strength and durability is by far the best protection for your roof.

There are no joints used as its all the one form when applied.Our company use’s two layer’s of fibreglass matting with final coat of UV protective top coat.Which comes in a range of any colour and finish of your choice.

Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) roofing is a fibreglass based system that gives you a watertight area that would have more traditionally been sealed with lead, copper or bitumen products.

It is a very adaptable option that can deal with most roofing scenarios. There is a wide variety of trims available to cater for every need.

There are also a large range of colours that can replicate more traditional looks, such as copper and lead. This can help to blend it into the existing house.

The picture on the left shows a Lead Valley replaced by fiberglass

Products & services

Fibreglass is a cost effective solution to your waterproofing needs, examples of where it can be used are as follows:

Flat Roof -  Secret Valleys -  Balconies -  Box Gutter -  Wet Rooms -  Showers -  Ponds and Pools -  And much more . . .

Advantages include:

No Leaks -  No Rotting -  No Cracks or Splits -  Non Slip -  Easy Maintenance -  No Scrap Value for thieves.

The picture on the right shows a jacuzzi repaired using our fibreglass product.

Products & services


Connor Mulcahy Carpentry provides a range of services to suit all your home building and renovation needs. We have an extensive list of services we offer and are willing to work individually with each client to ensure we meet all their needs.

We offer the following services:

1st Fix Carpentry -  Joisting & trimmers -  Doors & window boards -  Floor decking -  Stud work & partitioning -  Roofing -  2nd Fix Carpentry -  Skirting & architraves -  Garage conversions -  House extensions -  Attic conversions -  Decking

Products & services