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1Ltr Oak Barrel (Engraving Optional)

I would like to introduce to our smallest barrel, the 1ltr that will hold a 750ml bottle of Whiskey.

It may be small but it is packed full of flavour. This is our fastest ageing barrel due to size of surface area. If you want to make a small batch then the 1 litre is the way to go. This can be your practise shot to get the flavours and timing just right before making a big batch. The 1ltr is small and neat but does a great job.

If you are looking for a 1 gallon barrel then you want to click on our 5ltr barrel.
Each 1ltr oak barrel includes a bung, spigot, stand,funnel, barrel wax, personalised cloth, oxysan, citric acid, campton tablets, tasting cups & instructions list.

This barrel is made to order by skilled coopers.  It is made from European Oaks (Quercus Robur) heart wood.  The barrel can be coated with a linseed oil on request.  Normally we leave the natural finish.  All barrels are charred on inside as per requirments.  We find the medium charr more universal.

Personalised engraving:  The barrel can be personalised with an image i.e crest, logo etc.  We also do wording or both.  

Note: The image must be on vector format.  If we or the customer have the image already drawn up on vector format i.e Tipperary Crest then its free.  A cost of €20 will apply to get an image drawn up.

Note: We advise you to cure your barrel once delivered. This may take anytime between 4hours and 10 days to seal as every barrel is different just like the mother tree.


Tipperary, Ireland


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