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Welcome to Byrnes Consultancy located in Golden, Co Tipperary.

Here at Byrnes Consultancy we provide one-to-one and group training in today's computer skills. We offer the basic & essential computer training to all aspects of the business sphere and other specialized areas. Aileen with over 20 years of experience, saw an opening for training computer skills for those people who are not computer literate and opened her Computer Training Room in Golden.

Aileen has build her reputation  and is well known for her training in all grounds of computer technology so If you are an individual seeking the required competency or a company requiring staff training - call Aileen for a thorough consultation. All interactions are professional & confidential.

Web Design is now the way forward.  Stop loosing business to your competitors that have Web Sites.  Call us today for free consultation on your new Web Site.  We will do all the hard work to put you in the right direction.

CV Typing have your CV up dated professionally or created from scratch.  So many competitors going for same jobs today you need to stand out with your CV like the rest. Your CV is your first impression to impress your potential employer to sell you skills, knowledge and experience. 

We also provide computer training in Book Keeping, Payroll, Windows 8, Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point.

Certified Thesaurus Payroll Manager Trainer

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Aileen Byrnes

Self employed agents required in Sales of Web Design. Full training given. Call Aileen 086 4029362

Aileen Byrnes

Be computer competent. Great addition to anyone's C.V

Aileen Byrnes

Dell laptops available for courses

Lots of interest in 1 - 1 Training. Does prove to be more effective in certain situations, you cover exactly what you want, more hands on, practice and master the skills and techniques you so need.

Aileen Byrnes

Delighted to hear today that a Client - got a Full Time Position, good pay, good hours & a job that his her passion - all with the help of a Professional CV & CV sent through constant Job Search by Byrnes Consultancy. Well done Claire.

Aileen Byrnes

On going Courses:
Book Keeping
Basic Computer Skills
Essential Computer Skills
Microsoft Collection

Aileen Byrnes

Byrnes Consultancy

CV Prep & Typing Course
Compile & impress with your own CV
1/2 day course - 10 to 1pm, date and time to be confirmed.
Must have some typing & computer experience.
Limited Places per class. Price €25
Call or pm 086 4029362

Products & services

Book Keeping

As we provide a personal and professional book keeping service at a very competitive rate why not let us share this tedious Task. It's also very time consuming and impedes on family time. Another days work after a days work. Let Byrnes Consultancy share the burden of this work load. 100% committed to our clients.

  • Value for money
  • Quality assured
  • Clients peace of mind
  • Cuts costs

SERVICES: Recording invoices & payments - Recording sales & invoices - Prep of vat retuns - Reconcile accounts - Supplier payment & credit control - ROS on line - On site or off site

Products & services


Managed PAYROLL Services enables your business organisation to focus on the core business activity, safe in the knowledge that Byrnes Consultancy payroll experts are managing your payroll requirements.

We manage the time consuming tasks of Payroll Processing & Payments so you can focus on your day to day activities & ensure your Payroll needs are met on time every time.

SERVICES: Weekly/Monthly payroll processing - Employee set up - WeeklylMonthly reports - P30 retuns - End of year P60 & P35's - ROS on line - On site or off site

Products & services


No work too big or too small.

1. Only need someone for few hours per month

2. Paperwork all back logged and need to get on top of it

3. Staff out sick and need cover

4. Very busy certain months & need extra help

5. Don't need staff full time just someone when i need them

6. Need system set up & procedure put in place

7. Need VAT Returns complete when due to free up my time

8. Need Payroll Processing done every week to free up my time

9. Need help with Book keeping & Payroll

10. Anything else

1st Consultation Free - please call Aileen on 086 - 4029362 for more info

 Reasonable Rates on offer

Products & services

Essential Computer Courses

Become a computer technology emigrant for 2015 - New Year why not try a new Skill.

  • Book Keeping
  • Payroll
  • Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, 
  • Programs wrote to suit the learner.
  • Windows 8

Venue: Training Room Golden - Call Aileen for more specific information - 086 4029362

Products & services

Curriculum Vitae/Cover Letter

 Curriculum Vitae and cover letters have become very high spec to years ago so don't get left out of the crowd, have your Curriculum Vitae as good as the rest.  1st impressions last, so have your Curriculum Vitae sell your skills & experience to your potential employer.

  • Preparation of C,V
  • Best advice
  • Absorbing cover letter
  • Typing of C.V

Compile and impress with your own C.V and cover letter. Some typing and computer skills are required. Office hours or evening hours available to suit your needs.

 Call Aileen @ Byrnes Consultancy & Computer Training 086 4029362

Products & services


  • 1-1 Training Provided in all areas:
  • Book keeping
  • Payroll, Word
  • Excel
  • Emailing
  • Scanning

You decide what you want - i put a program together!


Practice and master the skills along with the techniques you so need.  You can walk away with the skills, confidence and the positive attitude to be competent in all areas

Call Aileen on 086 4029362 for more meticulous details. 

Products & services

Web Design

Don't loose business to your competitors.  Our world is moving in a fast pace and this pace is seeing our business moving to the world of Google.  Let us take this step forward with you and move you in the right direction.  Call Aileen on 086 4029362 for Free Consultation on your new Web Site.

What we offer:

  1. Own Domain
  2. Web Design by our expert Staff
  3. Complimentary On Line Shop
  4. Visibility on Google
  5. Avail of Traffic coming to other Nakoo Sites
  6. Networking System
  7. Training to all staff
  8. Maintenance Facility
  9.  Support
  10. Amazing Price

We look forward to hearing from you!

Products & services

Training Room

We at Byrnes Consultancy & Computer Training are lucky to have our own Computer Training Room on site in Golden.  Ample parking for all Clients, Tea & Coffee Facilities, 6 Stations with up to date Dell Laptops, Projector & Projector Screen, Printing & Scanning Facilities in a modern spacious environment to ensure that all clients feel welcome, relaxed and enjoy their experience in our Training Room.