Aga Conversions, Oil/Gas to Electric, Thurles, Co.Tipperary

Aga Conversions, Oil/Gas to Electric, Thurles, Co.Tipperary

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    Hi, my name is Paul Duggan and my business consists of converting Aga Ranges into 13amp electricity models nationwide. I take great pride in telling you I have 20 years experience and specialize in my field of work.  My level of quality work can be measured against others.

    Nearly all Aga Ranges in homes around Ireland are either solid fuel, oil or gas functioning however did you know they can be simply converted to 13amp electric?

    This provides people with a cleaner and more convenient way to heat and cook and of course it's friendly to the natural environment.

    No more chimneys or flues and servicing is a thing of the past.  

    An oven thermostat controls the heat to your exact daily needs.

    Please call me on  087 251 40 47 for more in-depth information and guidance and I hold no restriction on travel. 

    Bringing Agas into the 21st Centuary. Feel free to ask about Aga problems .

    Note  A selection of other ranges can also be converted to electric , feel free to inquire .

    IMPORTANT ; email direct to .Having issues replying to quotes 

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    Converted Cooker

    The picture on the right shows an Aga converted to 13 amp electric. The cooker was fully rebuilt and re-enameled. 

    An electric element is now used to heat the Aga, this is controlled by a fitted oven thermostat.  It gives you a very exact heat in your oven.  By switching over from solid fuel, oil or gas not only does it make life easier in the kitchen but gives you a 25% savings on fuel costs.  This also takes away the annual servicing.

    A well looked after Aga has a huge life span.  The Aga seen here and in the photo and video section is from the late 1920's.

    Note- You can fit a 7 day timer if you only use your Aga on certain days.

    Reasons to Convert

    Eliminates the smell of fumes -  Say goodbye to chimneys and flues -  Aga no longer affected by high winds -  Much quicker heat up time from cold -  Exact heat in oven -  More economical for today's fuel budget -  Convenient for cooking -  No more yearly servicing -  Kinder to the natural environment -  One day is all it takes to convert your Aga to 13 amp electric

    This product has given me so much confidence and belief I converted my own Aga to 13 amp electric with no regrets .

  • Aga Conversions, Oil/Gas to Electric, Thurles, Co.Tipperary

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  • Paul Duggan has been dedicated to the refurbishing of home ranges across the country for the last twenty years and his dad for twenty years before him.

    For your piece of mind and guarantee Paul has seen and worked on all types of ranges, old and new.

    With oil and gas going up and the economy coming down he decided to see what other way he could keep Agas going for new and existing customers.

    Paul went to England to train with the highly regarded John White on how to convert Aga to 13amp electricity with a successful outcome.

    John White worked for Aga for many years and to his credit invented the element.  He holds the patent for that element today.

    Paul holds no restriction on travel.

    Convert to Aga for a cleaner, greener and more efficent way to heat and cook

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